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Please use our comprehensive measuring & fitting guides. They will give you all the information you need. If you require further assistance please feel free to get in touch. 

Your order will be delivered with everything you need to assemble it and make it fully functional. 

We would recommend using liners if your walls or floor aren’t straight. These come in 95mm x 2800 lengths to be cut to size and are available in white, black, silver, oak and walnut and are edged. 

We recommend using liners on the floor,  they run the full width of the sliding wardrobe door opening, between the wall liners, under the bottom track and provide a flat rigid base for your sliding wardrobe doors to run on. We strongly recommend you use the bottom liners if your bedroom floor is carpeted, or not level.

Fit the bottom liner directly onto the floorboards, level it up by packing underneath if necessary and then butt the carpet up to the bottom liner for a professional finish.

It is not recommended to fit the bottom track directly onto carpet, as this can affect the rigidity of the bottom track and the free running of the doors. For situations where you have solid wood flooring or similar and no carpet, no bottom liner is needed. 

For wardrobes over 2800mm long you will need two floor liners. 

If you have built a frame for your doors to go in then liners will not be necessary and we recommend putting the top track to the ceiling. 

Yes, if you require end panels, you can add these to your order through our door designer. These are 610mm deep and 2800 tall, to be cut to size. These are available in white, black, silver, oak and walnut and are edged. 

No, just enter your aperture dimension on our door designer and we will work this out for you.  

All Steel Profiles are Manufactured from 0.5mm structural steel, treated to ensure corrosion resistance and colour fastness over the life of the product. 

Plain colours are coated in high quality polymer grained polyester paint, whilst woodgrains are obtained by applying high-impact decorative hot application films. 

Our Chrome product is manufactured using 0.5mm type 304/1.4301 grade stainless steel. This ensures that you do not get and delamination over the life of the product. 

All aluminium profiles are extruded from refined aluminium ensuring rigidity and strength. 

Anodised finishes harden the profiles surface which makes our aluminium profiles highly resistant to mechanical damage. Four finishes are offered: 

  1. Satin anodising: formation of an oxide protective layer by galvanising 
  2. Brushed anodising: surface brushed followed by anodising which adds a ‘third dimension’ to the surface. 
  3. Polished anodising: as per satin but then subsequently polished. 
  4. Painting: a special technique of stoving paint powder produces the highest quality finish. 

Anodised to Grade 15 in accordance with EN 12373-1.2001. Minimum average thickness 15microns. 

There is no real visual difference between the steel and aluminium frames and ultimately the final decision may come down to price. If the doors are in a main bedroom receiving regular use, we would always recommend aluminium over steel. 

 Absolutely, we offer a wide range of interior options to complete your wardrobe layout. All manufactured in 18mm white with a contrasting grey edging and all of our drawers are soft close.  All of our interiors will really compliment any combination of door style selected. 

All of our products have a 10 year manufacturers guarantee on the door panels and all moving parts. Exclusions include: improper handling, scratched or broken glass, scratched or dented profiles, any post installation adjustments due to settling, overloading of shelves and interiors, impact damage.

The maximum opening dimensions we can cater to are 2700mm in height and 5000mm in width. 

The maximum dimensions of any single door are 2650mm in height and 1300mm in width. 

Yes of course, please contact us with further information and we will come back to you with our best possible price. 

Absolutely not, these doors can be used to create space in most rooms, for example, in offices, kitchens & lounge’s.

We deliver to all addresses across the UK including Northern Ireland. Please visit our delivery page for further information –

Our turnaround time is 4 weeks. You will be contact with a delivery date and receive a text the day before with an estimated time of arrival.